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    • Dr. Barry Kerzin on compassion (Part 2: Effects on mind and body)

      Venerable Dr. Barry Kerzin stopped in to the Buddhistdoor offices on a recent trip to Hong Kong and shared his thoughts with Cathy Ziengs about the results of developing compassion. How can this affect pain, disease and our health and well-being?


      He also speaks about brain research and what the scientists are learning from studying long-term meditators. Dr. Kerzin is one of those special monks who have completed thousands of hours of meditation and offered his brain for scientific research.

    • Time : 25:12
    • Views : 1276
    • Category : Interview, Daily Life
    • Upload Date : 2014-01-16
    • Provided by : Buddhistdoor International
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  • 印順導師特輯

  • Time : 44:30
  • Views : 6144
  • Category : 探索頻道
  • Upload Date : 2008-10-04
  • Provided by : Nanda
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